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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES


           The early 1990s, China’s reform and opening-up sweeping the entire land of China, at this historic moment, the first slide factory in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province--Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd emerged. After 23 years of accumulated experience, Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd has grown into China’s supreme leading professional slide manufacturing enterprise.
               Gainlead always carries the dream of humanity management, production management modernization, manufacturing scale, personnel specialization and service comprehensive systematization. Through 23 years of unremitting efforts, the factory building an area of over 30,000 sq.m.,there are over 1000 staff, over 100sets fully automated production lines in our company, and it also fits out the international advanced management technology and high-end professional technical personnel.Our daily production capacity could reach 100,000 sets.We are very strict with product’s quality, our products are widely used in 30% of large furniture companies in China and widely recognized and praised by the majority of businesses. Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd occupies absolute market dominance in Chinese furniture hardware market.
            Now our company has the right of export and import..Knowing clear of the international market strategy, we set up an independent product test center with all kinds of advanced test equipments. Early in 2001, our products have been passed ISO9001:2000  International Quality System Certification. And our products can be also tested according to USA ANSI and British BS standard. So that Gainlead Metals Co.,Ltd integrates with the international market. Products are exported to all over Europe and America etc.,more than 20 countries, and built long-term cooperation with dozens of well-known international furniture companies.
             Our company will continue to increase the R&D of new products,so as to offer newer and more humanized products to all our new and old clients, and strive constantly to lead the healthy development of slide industry.
             We have five proprietary brands:HUAN MEI, JIALIDA,OUBEIER,RIYUETAN and DINISI. They all enjoy good reputation and wide popularity in the terminal consumers.
          Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd Development History
          1990 Set up Liansheng Hardware CO.,Ltd
          1992 Develop independent brand
          1995 First introduce automatic production line in China
          1998 Introduce International advanced humanized management mechanism
          1999 Occupied 30%of Chinese furniture hardware market
          2000 Set up product development team
          2001 Product passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification
          2002 Introduced international advanced test equipment。
          2003 Enterprise took part in international exhibition, and was favoured by foreign clients.
          2004 Kept long term cooperation with many foreign enterprises
          2005 Updated production technology and R&D techonogy.
          2006 Enterprise moved to Jiedong experiment zone, the China top ten first-class development zone, and renamed Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd
          2007 Enterprise had got the title of observing contract and valuing credit unit for 5 years
          2008 Enterprise improved the comprehensive system service
          2010 Enterprise perfected custom products and services
          2012 Enterprise upgrade training management




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