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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES


          Brand History
          In 1992, “HUANMEI” hardware brand was set up, Chinese independent hardware brand went into our consumers’ life,  and “HUANMEI”  hardware became one of the hardware brand, which was favored by most of consumers.    
          21 years diligently working, “HUANMEI” hardware brand has been popularly in hardware industry, been known by millions of household, and enjoys high praise in foreign markets. Our products are widely used by foreign furniture factories. “Huanmei” hardware brand occupies major status not only in popularizing rate, but also in publicity/ Huanmei hardware are constantly working hard on offering good products with excellent quality and reasonable price.
          In the future, Huanmei hardware will make a bold brand strategy, to prompt our brand to go out of our country ,and go into international market. We innovate products, increase brand propagation dynamics,  so as to build a real bridge to make our brand to become international brand.  
          Huanmei Hardware---The first choice of furniture manufacturer



          BRAND SHOW

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