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              BRAND HISTROY

              RIYUETAN in Taiwan is China's famous tourist attractions, and now ,she is not only name of scenic spots, but also the Venus of hardware industry brand.
              RIYUETAN hardware is another flag of Gainlead Metals Industry Co.,Ltd, is famous for high quality products. High-end brand positioning, no matter from material to process, and also processing equipment is the most top in the factory. It’s the high-end guide in slide industry. We offer professional products and OEM service. Mainly, we are selling this brand to the domestic and international well-known large cabinet furniture manufacturers. We can not only meet the demand of the customers, the company also provides tailor-made development optimization products, help customers solve product in the application process and the cause of the problem, help customers to save cost, and to achieve the best use effect. RIYUETAN hardware is really done with products as the core, so as to win the market service of large brand.

              RIYUETAN Hardware---The first choice of cupboard manufacturer



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