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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES


             “JIA” , in China, represents happiness. ”JIALIDA” hardware brand brings our best wishes to thousand of households through our products.
           “JIALIDA” hardware brand was set up in the early 2006, which is in the beginning of China’s hardware industry, and many brands were springing up into the market.
           “JIALIDA” hardware is adhering to provide qualified products for consumer’s principle, strictly guarding quality, from material selection to processing technology. JIALIDA people insists to be responsible for consumer, work hard to every pair of slides. Now millions of people are using our slide, bring silent love to their families. JIALIDA continues the brand’s life, and makes consumers experience more humanized care and convenience.
          Today, “JILIDA” hardware brand has gone through 7 years, and go into ten thousands of home, wins high reputation from our terminal consumers. “JIALIDA” hardware brand goes ahead steadily, improve brand service all the time, and has became the first choosing brand in the slide industry. It lays a solid foundation for the next step to internationalization.
          “JIALIDA” hardware brand wins business by professional service, wins consumers by professional product, and wins the brand’s future by professional quality
          JIALIDA hardware---Super quiet slide manufacturer



          BRAND SHOW

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