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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES
          DATE:2013-10-22    2013 China International Creative Industry Exhibition, Zhengzhou

          Industry Focus
          Agriculture , Apparel , Automobiles & Motorcycles , Construction & Real Estate , Consumer Electronics , Electrical Equipment & Supplies , Fashion Accessories , Furniture & Furnishings , Gifts & Crafts ,Home & Garden

          Products and Services Focus
          creative industry

          -The exhibition is now Open for Exhibitors and Visitors Registration! -It promotes extensive communication and cooperation between China and abroad creative industries. -It is the most professional creative industry exhibition in China, filling up the blank of central China area where was lack of creative industry exhibition in large scale and with completed industrial elements. -It provides a professional trading platform for Creative Industries between China and worldwide. 

          General Information
          [Seven Exhibition Halls] Hall A1 International Hall: UK, USA, Japan, etc. creative industry exhibition and communication area; Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao creative industry exhibition and communication area. Hall A2 Creative Industrial Hall Automobile, architecture, house and home, up-to-date industrial scientific research achievements, industrial designing totally five exhibition areas. Hall A3 Creative Agricultural Hall Creative agricultural paradigmatic zone, creative high-quality and well known agricultural products, creative agricultural high technology, creative agricultural lifestyle totally four exhibition areas. Hall A4 Creative City Hall China central six provinces (Henan, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi), Henan eighteen cities totally two exhibition area. Hall B1 Creative Cultural Hall Book and Publishing, cultural and educational products, arts and crafts, cultural tourism, creative designing, cultural relics, famous calligraphy and painting arts, intangible culture totally eight exhibition areas. Hall B2 ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) Hall Top ACG websites, ACG performance and cosplay, ACG games, ACG derivative products totally four exhibition areas. Hall B3 Creative Experiencing Hall Creative education, creative amusement, unique skill arts joint performance, charity auction totally five exhibition areas. 

          Attendee Information
          creative industry 

          Exhibitor Information
          creative industry

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