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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES
          DATE:2013-10-22    Furnitech 2013 : A Series of FurnitechWoodtech

          Industry Focus
          Furniture & Furnishings

          Products and Services Focus
          Furniture Manufacturing Industry

          The Community of Furniture Manufacturing Industry for Sourcing, Networking, and Learning 

          General Information
          “FurnitechWoodtech 2013” is the One and the Only Furniture and Woodworking Machinery and Technology Show in Thailand. It is a truly unique platform where relevant industrialists will discover the latest innovations, new designs and ideas for furniture manufacturing and woodworking businesses. Co-located wtih International Conference under topic of "Strategic Direction for ASEAN Furniture Industry after AEC 2015" 

          Attendee Information
          Furniture Manufacture, Furniture Broker, Interior DesignerLandlord and property owners (Condominium 

          Exhibitor Information
          Raw Materials such as Woods, Particle Board, MDF, Plastic, Metal, Leather & Fabric, Veneer, Furniture Design Software, Machinery, Fittings, Subcontracting, Supplies & Tools, Finishing, Color & Coating, and Packaging

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