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              简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES
              DATE:2013-10-22    REGALO - South-East European Exhibition on Gifts, Beauty & Fashion Accessories, Home Decor & Textile

              Industry Focus
              Fashion Accessories , Furniture & Furnishings , Gifts & Crafts , Home & Garden , Sports & Entertainment , Textiles & Leather Products , Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear , Toys

              Products and Services Focus
              GIFTS - business , luxury , promotional gifts , souvenirs , party & seasonal , tableware , stationary , toys & games , wedding accessories , sports goods BEAUTY & FASHION - aromatherapy , cosmetics ,fashion accessories , foux bijoux , jewelry , perfumes , watches , sunglasses HOME DECOR & TEXTILE - decorative furniture , glass and crystalware , ceramics , porcelain , lamps , candles , pictures ,home textile

              The event is one of the prominent specialized trade shows for gifts in South-East Europe. The previous 5 editions of REGALO have made it known as a distinguished event, successfully bringing together buyers and sellers - importers, wholesalers, retail shop owners, dealers, designers, interior decorators. 

              General Information
              The exhibition presents the following branches: GIFTS - business, luxury, promotional gifts, souvenirs, party & seasonal, tableware, stationary, toys & games, wedding accessories, sports goods BEAUTY & FASHION - aromatherapy, cosmetics, fashion accessories, foux bijoux, jewelry, perfumes, watches, sunglasses HOME DECOR & TEXTILE - decorative furniture, glass and crystalware, ceramics, porcelain, lamps, candles, pictures, home textile Regalo will continue to put the focus on new products, upcoming designs, trends and colors and will showcase all sorts of gift items for any occasion, from business and luxury to original and amusing ones. Companies from Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, China, Greece, India, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, and the UK took part in the 5 editions of the exhibition. Their products were viewed by a lot of decision making visitors (64% of the total number of visitors came with the main purpose to place orders). Well targeted advertising campaign, personal mailing of visitor invitations throughout Bulgaria and SEE will promote the forthcoming fair and make it a meeting point for sellers and buyers. 

              Attendee Information
              decision making visitors: importers, wholesalers, retail shop owners, dealers, designers, interior decorators. 

              Exhibitor Information
              buyers and sellers - importers, wholesalers, retail shop owners, dealers, designers, interior decorators