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          简体中文 | ENGLISH | ADD TO FAVORITES

          KINSHASA IDEAL HOME 2013 is a great platform where housewares, kithcenware, glassware, home textile, decorative furniture, lightning and chandelier, interior decor and accessories, tableware, giftware, bathroom and kitchen accessories will be displayed and the suppliers meet their potential customers. Get your place in the fair and grab the opportunities... For further information and to reserve your booth please contact; Burcu POLATBORA (Ms.) Project Manager E-mail: bpolatbora@meridyenfair.com Skype: burcuborameridyen

          General Information
          Democratic Republic of Congo is located in central Africa, home to vast natural resources, mineral wealth and the third-largest country on the continent. Strategically located in the heart of Africa and bordered by 9 neighbour countries, DR Congo represents a mega market in the heart of African continent with over 250 million consumers (including neighbouring countries) The country is slowly recovering from a conflict known as Africa's first world war, which led to the loss between 1994 and 2003. Most of the country has found peace and the central government has reasserted control. The country records annually a growth rate over 6% with the ambition to raise it to 2 figures. That is one of the emerging economies of the continent, which takes advantage of the political stability consolidating over the years with election schedule firmly respected.

          Attendee Information
          Buyer, Distributor, Decision Makers

          Exhibitor Information
          Manufacturer, Trading Company


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